Below is a sampling of comments we have received from our travelers:

Great job picking out what we see! Enjoyed all the place we went to-some I had never heard of-Great variety. (Arizona 2015)

Awesome productions and the St Paul Gangster tour was so interesting! ( Spring Break 2015)

Duluth Quilt Show was excellent! (MN Quilt Show 2015)

Another enjoyable trip. Love the back roads-you see so more of real life. (America the Beautiful 2015)

The trip was a good as it could be! (Calgary Stampede 2015)

You do a great job seeking out a variety of entertainment. (Ride the Rio 2014)

Thank you for another fine tour. So many memorable sites & activities. We value the travel/tour services you provide. (Ride the Rio 2014)

We would never have seen so many unique & interesting places in this old USA with your forethought, visions, & organizational skills- Kathy. Thank you very very much. (Ride the Rio 2014)

Kathy- you did it again-a wonderful tour! (“B” Tour 2014)

Thank you for organizing a wonderful and interesting trip. Enjoyed it greatly-good stops (“B Tour 2014)

Shows were excellent, museums were great. (Mystery Tour 2014)

You are # 1 in our books. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (Mystery Tour 2014)

Excellent, real professional, makes things work. (Roll’n on the River 2014)

“Thanks” just doesn’t cover it!! (Color of the Carolinas 2014)

Thanks for all for the planning and hard work that went into the tour. We loved every minute of it. (Corporate Client Fall 2014)

Totally awesome trip! We loved every minute of it! Hope to ride with you again. (Corporate Client Fall 2014)

You sure know how to organize an awesome trip! (Corporate Client Fall 2014)

You did a fabulous job with our tour. Fun time, wonderful memories. Thank you. (Branson 2 2014)

Bushels of thanks for all your work. It was wonderful! ( Branson 2 2014)

Wonderful and informative step on guides! (Bakken Basics 2014)

I've heard nothing but good reports. (Bakken Basics 2014)

Thank you for organizing a wonderful & interesting trip-Enjoyed it greatly-Good Stops. (the “B” tour 2014)

You did it again-a wonderful trip! (the “B” tour 2014)

This Spring Fling tour to Minneapolis and St. Paul had to be one of my favorites. I liked the variety of activities. We saw so much more than we ever could have by going by ourselves. (Spring Break 2014)

Thank you for the many special things you do. (Spring Break 2014)

You are 100% terrific! (2014 Ride the Rio travelers)

Thank you again for a fine trip. So many memorable sites and activities. (2014 Ride the Rio travelers)

It truly was a wonderful trip! What more can we say! You are #1! (2014 Ride the Rio travelers)

We would never have seen so may unique & interesting places without your forethought, visions & organizational skills. Thank you very much! (Fall Foliage travelers 2013)

You treat us awesome! Thank you! (Colorado Rockies traveler 2013)

Thank you for your special concern for each passenger & and the great trip. (Colorado Rockies traveler 2013)

The best tour ever! (Branson 2013 traveler)

We would return back to Branson for another visit but only with A&B Tours! (Branson 2013 travelers)

We want to thank you for all you’ve done to make this trip so enjoyable-sharing your knowledge & expertise on the areas traveled was so appreciated. As always you went above and beyond to make sure everyone was taken care of. (Branson/Pigeon Forge travelers 2013)

We really enjoyed the trip. The shows, the laughs & all the other passengers & of course the food! (Summer Jaunt 2013-ND Travelers)

Many thanks for a most enjoyable & interesting tour, you do a wonderful job of organizing it all! (Summer Jaunt 2013-Canadian Traveler)

Thanks for wonderful trip. You did a super job. Fun-fun-fun. (Park IT in Montana 2013- ND Travelers)

We had a great trip. Thank you for everything you did to make it so. (Park IT in Montana 2013- ND Travelers)

We truly appreciate all the work you put forth for such an organized & eventual tour. We loved every moment. (Park IT in Montana 2013- Canadian Travelers)

Thank you for the wonderful tour. We will cherish our memories of the tour and appreciate your cheerful & professional attention. (Park IT in Montana 2013-ND Travelers)

Thanks for everything! We enjoyed the trip very much-especially the lovely accommodations. (Highway 101 2013-MT travelers)

Thank you for a great trip & for your care & concern. (Highway 101 2013-ND Travelers)

Thank you for another enjoyable trip (Highway 101 2013-MT Travelers)

That was a great tour-all enjoyed it. I was really impressed. (Day Dasher Bakken Basics 2013- ND Traveler)

I always enjoy being able to go on the motor coach with you. The trips are always a great success-all because of you. (Day Dasher Bakken Basics 2013- ND Traveler)

Although I looked forward to this trip with great anticipation, it far exceeded my expectations. So informative, entertaining & lots of fun. Kathy & John-you anticipated every want and need. Thank you so much. (Albuquerque Balloon Festival & TX 2012- Canadian Traveler)

"Thanks so much for a a well planned, activity packed tour of TX including the awesome Balloon Festival." (ND travelers Albuquerque Balloon Festival with a TALL order of Texas 2012)

"Thanks so much for an enjoyable trip. I appreciate all that you did." (MT traveler Albuquerque Balloon Festival with a TALL order of Texas 2012)

"Another great trip!" (ND travelers Branson 2012)

"You come highly recommended & what a great vacation we had!" (ND travelers Branson 2012)

"Thank you so much for all the work you did to put this trip together. We will have cherished memories for years to come." (Historic East Coast travelers 2012)

"You rock! What a great and memorable tour." (Historic East Coast traveler 2012)

"You're the Best!" (ND traveler GA tour 2012)

"Thank you. You are special and you take care of everyone." (MT travelers GA 2012)

"We enjoyed your guidance & humor." (Canadian travelers GA tour 2012)

"What a fun trip. Will surely go with you again!" (ND travelers WI Dells 2011)

"Awesome trip hope to join you again." (ND travelers WI Dells 2011)

"Thank you for all you did to make this trip a "Happy Memory!" (MT traveler Branson 2011)

"You are so organized-everything went beautifully" (Canadian traveler Branson 2011)

"We have been on tour to Branson many times but never have we seen so much-shows, sites & more! Great value! You are the best!" (Canadian travelers Branson 2011)

“Thank you for all of your thoughtfulness on the Washington DC trip. I enjoyed it very much.” (2010 Manitoba traveler)

“Thank you for all you do to make our travels lots of fun!” (Apostle Islands 2010 ND Traveler)

“A BIG thank you for the great trip to the Calgary Stampede and Canadian Rockies. It was so much fun! “(2010 North Dakota traveler)

“What can we say?? We saw everything (and more) that we expected to see. Your choices & varieties were wonderful.” (Washington DC 2010 Manitoba Traveler)

“Thank you for such a great trip. You take such good care of us.” (Branson 2010 North Dakota Traveler)

“We are looking forward to more super trips with you!” (Apostle Islands 2010 Montana Traveler)

“Another bouquet of roses to you for a fantastic trip. The shows were all super and we enjoyed the variety.” (Branson 2010 Montana Traveler)

“Ron & Cori do a great job of looking after us.” (Hostfest 2010 Montana Traveler)

“Thank you for a FANTASTIC trip we just experienced! It was great! The food was wonderful & we will never forget the meals on the Twilight.” (Roll’n on the River 2009 North Dakota Traveler)

“Thanks for making this such a funfilled trip. We enjoyed it a lot-especially West Virginia.” (Fall Foliage 2009 North Dakota Traveler)

“Thank you for being such a good travel guide with patience & humor.” ( Roll’n on the River 2009 North Dakota Traveler)

“The trip as every bit as lovely as expected. Your driver is a “jewel” and the coordinator (Cori) is competent, selfless & on time! Thanks to both of them for the special care & attention.” ( ODonnell Winnipeg Tour 2009 North Dakota Traveler)

“The quality of your tour is excellent and we have had a very good time.” (Fall Foliage 2009 Montana Traveler)

“Thanks for the arrangements you made for us at the Hostfest. The hotel was excellent as were our seats at the shows. Everything went really well & we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.” (Hostfest 2009 Manitoba Traveler)

“Have had a great first bus tour! Thanks for all of your conscientious efforts. It won’t be my last trip!” (Fall Foliage Tour 2009 Manitoba Traveler)

“I want to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service in helping to plan and execute our tour. I do believe you went “above & beyond” to help make this happen.” (Conference attendee group 2009)

“Such Fun we had!” (Folklorama 2008 North Dakota traveler)

“You make the trip the Best!” (Folklorama 2008 North Dakota traveler)

“Your knowledge of Winnipeg and the area adds so much to the tour. Thank you.” ( Assiniboia Downs 2008 ND Traveler)

“Exceptional value for the money and well done!” (Folklorama 2007 Montana Traveler)